Sean Willett

Sean Willett

Sean Willett the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Goodbit. Before that he served as head of communications and technology at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at the University of Toronto.

Sean is an executive based out of Toronto with a background in technology and communications. He specializes in providing strategic direction for the design, development, and marketing of emerging platforms. His expertise crosses the worlds of interactive design, UX, social media, brand identity design, writing, media production, and public affairs.

For the past two decades he has provided leadership and consulting on digital and communications for multiple sectors spanning charitable, non-governmental, academic, and private sector organizations. He served as the head of communications and technology for the Munk School of Global Affairs and Director of Strategic Communications for the School of Public Policy and Governance before the school's merged. At the University he led strategic campaigns, launched large-scale digital platforms, campaigns, and developed outreach methodologies that have supported tens of millions of people, globally.

Previous to joining the University of Toronto, he developed communications strategy for literacy initiatives; built anonymous digital support services for Canadian youth on sexuality and bullying; and overhauled information technology services for nonprofit and private organizations.

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